Friday, July 16, 2010

Dooney & Bourke Handbags (featured-Large Pocket Sac-Red)

I am seriously in love with Dooney and Bourke handbags and accessories, so far they are the only handbags that I want to purchase. I have only been collecting them for about 2+ years but I have been delighted every time.

Once I had gotten one I couldn't stop there, it's like when you get a chance to try one of their leather handbags you want to get ever one of them, if that was possible for me, I would have by now. But slowly and surely I will build my collection of these wonderful bags.

I own a couple so far that I am very happy with, a couple of exceptions that I had to return only because it wasn't the right style bag for me, not because there was anything wrong with the workmanship or anything like that? Just personal preference that's all.

So let's get to it, where do I start?

The leather it self is to die for, it is such great quality, durable and sturdy leather. If it be pebble grain, to croco, calf or even vechetta they are all great, my personal favorite for the D&B leather bags are the calf leather bags, to me it is more slouchy and soft, which is what I love in a bag, slouchy and soft.

They smell wonderful like that nice burnt-ish leather smell, and it lingers for ever..... I love it!!!

The quality in the craftsmanship is great these bags will last you and whom ever you hand it down to forever (with great care) The hardware is beautiful brass? (I'm pretty sure) and in gold two tone, which I prefer gold.

The styles that D&B put out every collection they release are great, I am so far very pleased and almost always find a bag that I will enjoy, I personally only love the larger bags they release, I am a big bag girl.

I can't find anything bad to say about D&B leather products they are amazing!!! This all goes to say as well for the accessories by D&B too. You have to see for your self, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!! Please see one of my recent D&B hand bags below for reference. Any further details you would like to know please message me anytime.

Large pocket sac -Red (purchase @ / / or google )
(please note that key chain in the photo attached to the bag does not come with it, that was purchased separately @

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