Sunday, July 18, 2010

Donney & Bourke Key Chain - Duck Collection

Among Handbags and other accessories offered by D&B they also have amazing key chains, I love the quality and the weight that comes with them,(this isn't no cheapy chain that'll break or get lost in a couple of days of use)  This one featured here is the most colorful that I have seen recently and I love it to add as an accessories to my hand bags, it adds that extra pop to your bag when you dangle it from your purse, it is versatile too, with all the amazing vivid colors they added to it. I love the features they provided here, the letter's D & B hang from it saying "Dooney & Bourke" on each letter, such great attention to detail, The wonderful round pendants hanging with ducks, and another D&B is great to show everyone who you prefer to feature, letting them know you carry this chain for a reason!! : )  Not saying this wouldn't be great as a key chain (which is what it is) but I just love it as an addition to my D&B bags. This beautiful key chain has jewelery quality metal and features too. (Please see photos below) My lovely honey got me this as a gift from and I was so excited can't wait to get more from them. (retails for $45.00) please check out for other great key chains they have to offer!!! Take Care.

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