Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hey Dooney Fanatics!!!

Hey Ladies! I am so excited you are visiting my page sorry I am back and now dusting of the cob webs! Lol.... I totally had this baby on hold for a while and I am getting back in to the swing of things, I Hope you'll be patient with me while I get her back up and running, please stay tunned to my YT channel and newest of all my Dooney Fan page via FB, DooneyandBourkeFanatics! Please request to be added and also add your friends too! Sharing is caring and that's what this page is about ladies! Hope you enjoy! I will update FB as often as possible on what ever is going on Dooney related here on my blog or on YouTube as well! Stay tuned 😘

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dooney & Bourke Florentine Satchel *Kelly Green*

Ladies by now you may have figured from my blog and my You Tube channel that I totally love Dooney and Bourke Florentine Satchels!!! I own around 12 now! I know thats crazy but you can never have too many colors! Please check out my video on YT, click the link above.

And for size and colors available pleas check out

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dooney and Bourke Florentine Satchel's in Royal Blue and Orange!

Dooney and Bourke Florentine Satchel (left royal blue, right orange) Don't mind the messy desk! :)
 OK! so as many of my wonderful blog or you tube followers may know by now I am a serious Dooney Addict! Just can not get enough :) Exceptional leather and quality just to die for! So far never experienced any better!

So recently I have been oooooogoling over the newest Florentine Satchels (large one), and all the lovely colors! The two above are my newest additions. Royal Blue left, and Orange right. I already own these babies in natural, chestnut, and black. Totalling five! I know crazy right!? And the newest addition is on it's way soon....MUSTARD! I just have to have the mustard one as well, and then I think I am happy, or maybe? :) This beauty is a great mid to large satchel, it has the two top handles to hold on your arm or by hand, and then a removable / adjustable strap to hold on your shoulder or make it longer to use as a cross body wonderful interior and ample pockets!

Check these out......

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dooney and Bourke Amato Clara in Slate & accessories haul!!!

I have been so spoiled lately by my hubby (and my self too, lol!) I love D&B and it is the only hand bag brand I will buy. Hope you enjoy and take some inspiration for your next handbag purchase. To check these items out check out or (sorry for the out of order pictures below) But you'll get the idea! Lol!!
Check out the photo's and info below. : )

D&B zebra print leather check book wallet

I love the brassy hardware on this bag, this bag can be held like a satchel in the crook of your arm, or over the shoulder too, it is a large bag.
D&B slim 1975 cosmetic bag ( I use it like a wallet mainly for papers, cards, receipts etc.)

D&B Amato Clara satchel in SLATE, love this bag- it is my all time favorite now!!!

Three top zipped compartments, very spacious lovely red interior.

AMATO leather is a Italian made leather such a great rich quality leather, I can't wait to get another!!

What's in my Dooney and Bourke Tote bag!!

D&B east/west zebra print leather tote

MAC zip cosmetic bag w/ black print and green interior

CVS blending brush, W&W trio e/s, Palladio balm, RL lip gloss, Revlon concealer, B&B lip gloss, NIVEA balm, RL l/s, Revlon l/s, tweezers, BB blotting papers, med case, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, MAC slim mirror, cream face sample.

MAC small cosmetic case (actually pretty large)

MAC bag, keys, (small purple print coin purse w/ meds, gloss,gum, etc, )(fossil coin purse w/ head phones, ipod USB) D&B coin purse loose $) (Staples green not pad) Black sun glass case, D&B leather zebra print wallet) D&B 1975 red w/ print slim cosmetic case w/ papers, bills, etc.) (Black small logic case with USB)  

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leather Dooney & Bourke Key Chains- Black / Zebra

As my other post say, D&B has great leather and these go to show how true that is, these leather key chains are so sturdy and thick quality leather, they'll last you years to come. I personally obtained one for my purse I am expecting (D&B small calf duffel in black) and the other as a key chain!!, YEAH!! I am so excited can't wait. I love the D&B plaque in gold it is so shiny, and has some weight to it. Great Quality!!! Check these out on eBay or, or even google. They are no longer available for sale through